To speak up – and stand up – for a child             

Elaprase … ever heard of it? 


It’s a medicine. If your child had a rare disease called Mucopolysaccharidosis  (MPS), you’d know that Elaprase is a lifeline.  


But, like other drugs used to treat serious, unusual disorders, it’s expensive. Not every medical aid will pay for it – not even if you’re a little boy, like Goedrick, whose well-being depends on it.


His Granny Carol and Uncle Eugene, who care for him around the clock, have turned to their medical aid not once, but four times. They’re facing a ‘David and Goliath’ battle – which is why I’m sure you’d also want to help us fight for this 10-year-old child by clicking here to make your donation.


Because of the MPS, Goedrick can’t speak or sit up … his muscles are wasting away. He doesn’t have the enzymes that our bodies have to break down waste products – so toxins build up in his cells and kill them.


If we can help get Goedrick’s medical aid to pay for enzyme replacement therapy, his quality of life will improve drastically – and it could even give him another 12 years! Granny Carol and Uncle Eugene would sell their souls for that. If you’d feel the same way, please support our efforts for Goedrick and children like him by donating online here.


Without treatment, Goedrick will keep deteriorating. Those who love him will have to stand by helplessly while he slowly slips further away. Until there is nothing left – not even hope.


Please, find it in your heart to support us now by making your donation so that we can keep speaking up – and standing up – for fair access to treatment.


Your gift is life-changing: thank you, in advance.

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