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Bring joy through the magic of words this Nelson Mandela Day and use your 67 minutes to participate in our "OPEN ME WHEN" letter initiative, which will give love, encouragement, and support to our vulnerable community when most needed.


The concept is simple – write a letter or create a small care package for 7 of the listed ‘situations’ which rare disease patients may encounter and for which your letter and words of strength and motivation will make an enormous difference. We will provide the name, age, and short biography on the patients for whom your letters/packages will be sent.

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Your package can include:

Handwritten letters

Write a letter suitable for providing positivity based on the 7 situations listed below


Photos or hand drawn pictures

These can be either from yourself or your children/ school class / employees 


Small, non-perishable items

These will help the patient in a particular situation – whether it be a small packet of sweets, a book, a diary, a USB of music which helps you feel better in that situation etc.

Get involved!

Thanks for submitting!

Please note that if you would like to write letters for different situations to the 7 listed above then that’s totally ok! We want you to have fun with this initiative and maybe you’ve thought of a situation more fitting for a patient to open a letter.

To register as a sender OR as a recipient for this initiative please complete the form above. 


For any queries, please contact Missy at

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