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Webinar Wednesdays: 5 Reasons to Join

You may have seen our monthly Webinar Wednesday posts on various topics to do with rare diseases and issues affecting our rare community. Whilst not every topic may be relevant or of interest to you – we encourage you to sign up to those that are, for these 5 reasons:

1. They’re completely FREE

We have sourced some of the country’s best to talk on the various topics and bring this content to you, live, for free! They cover various areas within the topics at hand so you may pick up pearls of wisdom which usually may have cost you a consultation fee. Even the platform on which we host the webinars (Zoom) is completely free to use – all you need to do is create a profile to log in.

2. You can get Feedback in Real Time

The platform gives you the opportunity to ask the speaker/panel questions and get responses in real time. It is an opportunity to have your opinion heard as well as provide input and get expert advice in return.

3. Short Time Commitment

The webinars are only an hour – it’s a short amount of time to commit to and you’ll be surprised at how much wisdom you can pick up in at time!

4. Learn Anywhere

As the webinar is online, you can access it from anywhere provided you have internet access (phone or computer) and a strong internet connection. For those unable to travel or with mobility impairments, you can have access to these webinars from the comfort of your home, from hospital or the beach!

5. Self-Education is Self-Empowerment

Nelson Mandela stated that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” and it’s true for our community too. Whilst not every topic may be relevant to your condition or situation, the speakers are experts in their fields and may be able to provide wisdom and answers to aspects which affect all of us #PowerInNumbers

For information on upcoming webinars click HERE.

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