Bridging the Gap - Navigating Healthcare Benefits

From routine check-ups and emergency room visits, to medical and mental health services, rare disease patients face barriers to accessing health care.


Rare Diseases South Africa is putting the focus on addressing such determinants of health for rare disease patients to provide the best possible care and medical support and has therefore launched Rare Assist.

Rare Assist is a case management service, with the aim of assisting rare disease patients with their medical aid needs. The services include claims submissions, benefit applications and authorisations, as well as specialised applications, such as PMB, ex-gratia, etc. 

The outcome of such services will result in the decrease of the administrative burden which those with rare diseases currently face, as well as assisting those who do not understand the medical aid benefits which they have access to.

In a recent survey conducted by Rare Diseases South Africa, found that of the 166 people surveyed, 94% are on medical aid, however only 36% understand all the benefits of their policy.

In addition, only 33% of the recipients were successful when dealing with their medical aid, and 68% said that having an agent liaising with their medical aid on their behalf would be beneficial.




R180 per month

  • Monthly claims and follow ups 


R270 per month

  • Monthly claims and follow ups

  • Benefit Applications and renewals

  • Special Motivations and applications 

Please note a R200 admin & setup fee will be charged on all new accounts.

Angelina Grab  – Testimonial

Our beautiful Angelina was diagnosed with a Primary Immune Deficiency at the age of only 9 months, after suffering from recurrent ear and eye infections as well as bronchiolitis and pneumonia from the age of 5 months. By 15 months old she was started on infusions of immunoglobulins (IgG) to replace the antibodies that she lacks as well as prophylactic antibiotics. This treatment is life-saving for Angie.

Over the past 9 years we have experienced ongoing battles in obtaining approval for Angelina’s IgG treatment. Applications have to be resubmitted every 6 months, despite this condition being a lifelong one. The amount of admin involved in these applications is really frustrating and can become overwhelming at times – I’m sure many rare disease patients can attest to this!

In January I decided to join Rare Assist as we were yet again experiencing problems in obtaining our approvals. From the very beginning Jerome was fantastic. He was willing to contact Angie’s specialists to obtain motivations, he submitted appeals to the relevant people at the medical aid, and suggested different options for obtaining the funding we needed. Jerome continuously kept me updated as to the progress of our application, and was tireless in following up with the medical aid, who gave him a really hard time! After more than 6 weeks of “fighting” we finally obtained our approval!


I am so grateful to the Rare Assist team for their professional, efficient and skilful approach to the situation, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for assistance in dealing with their medical aids. We now have peace of mind that Angie will get her treatments so that she can keep on enjoying the things that 10 year old girls should be enjoying!

Liam Rutherford – Testimonial

When I heard about Rare Assist, I was definitely hesitant to sign up for it. I am a wife, mother of 3, working and studying. When I realised that Liam's case might get complicated, I made the move, I signed up, made the payment and send through all previous documentation from doctors and medical scheme. I was very unsure if it will have any benefit. I was very blessed to have been introduced (telephonically) to a gentleman who had been actively busy fighting for what Liam deserves. I've been kept in the loop with every request and every decision in the communication between Rare Assist and my medical aid.

I am truly satisfied with the service I have received so far and recommend their services. This is one less thing I have to do. Thank you, Jerome at Rare Assist.

Jack Reid – Testimonial

My little boy Jack was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy in May 2018. Although they have given us this diagnosis it is an umbrella term as he does not fit into the typical criteria. Jack is an awesome young guy who lights up our world.


While struggling to understand all the medical jargon, the medical aid saving that gets used up in 4 months, the constant appointments and the research you do to help your child, I stumbled across Rare Diseases and started to follow their page. On this awesome page I saw a talk about Rare Assist, promoted to help deal with medical aids and PMB´s. My hubby and I tuned in to the live feed and were amazed. It was like Rare Assist was made for us. I contacted them shortly after watching this and they started working though all of Jack´s documents straight away.


Jerome has been in contact with me or a therapist every day. He is helping us apply for PMB´s and has gone above and beyond by offering to help us claim for last year once this year has been approved. All the therapists are now submitting straight to medical aid and Dave and I are so grateful that we don´t have to try figure out all the forms. I know with Jerome from Rare Assist helping us, Jack will get what he needs, and this tired mom will have a smile on her face. 

Thank you, Jerome and Rare Assist, for all the help. 

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