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Patient Navigation is the process by which we guide patients from presentation of symptoms, through to end of life care - through and around barriers in the complex healthcare system - to help ensure timely diagnosis and treatment.


Rare Assist was developed with the aim of assisting rare disease patients with obtaining access to treatment and services.


The project ensures that patients receive appropriate support from presentation of symptoms through to end of life care.

The services include claims submissions, benefit applications and authorisations as well as specialised applications (such as PMB,

ex-gratia, etc) in the private medical aid sector.


The outcome of such services will result in a decrease of the administrative burden facing those with rare diseases, as well as assisting those who do not understand the medical aid benefits to which they have access.

Without appropriate case management services:

  • Patients and Caregivers have an increased administrative burden which causes further stress and anxiety

  • Patient compliance is reduced due to patients not having necessary authorizations and approvals

  • Out of Pocket expenses continue to rise, further burdening the patient

  • Patients do not access their medical aid benefits appropriately  

psychosocial support

Various counselling is available:

  • Grief / bereavement

  • Relationships

  • Work related challenges

  • Child counselling

  • Abuse and Trauma

  • Crisis management

  • Coping skills and stress management 

  • Depression and anxiety

genetic counselling

Genetic counselling is a service that is provided by qualified health care professionals to help families understand the implications of genetic conditions.

Genetic counsellors assist patients by helping them to understand the cause of a genetic condition, how best to manage the condition and what the implications of a genetic diagnosis are for themselves, their children and other family members. They are also able to assist in managing the emotional impact of a genetic condition. Genetic counselling can assist families in making well-informed decisions about their health and wellbeing.

Benefits of Genetic Counselling include:

  • Increased understanding

  • Better peace of mind for patients and family members

  • Appropriate testing can be arranged

  • Early intervention and support

  • Improved decision making and family planning

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