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the benefits of joining

  • Receiving up to date information on the rare disease and congenital disorder landscape in South Africa, and globally.

  • Support and assistance to see you throughout your patient journey

  • Peer-to-peer support (connect with others with the same / similar conditions)

  • Ability to join our closed Facebook group, ask questions and connect

  • Access to educational support

  • Access to counselling and emotional support

  • Improved awareness

  • Helps us improve the data on prevalence and incidence of various rare diseases and congenital disorders

  • We get to raise awareness and share community stories to educate the public on RDs and CDs

  • We get a better understanding of what our community needs

how you joining helps us at RDSA

costs for
patient membership

No membership fees, donations are welcome.
Should you wish to contribute, please email with your invoicing details for us to arrange accordingly. All donations are tax-deductible in accordance with Section 18A of the Income Tax Act.

register today as a patient with RDSA and join our rare community
patient registration form
How did you hear about RDSA?
What are your reasons for registering with Rare Diseases South Africa?
Does the patient receive any of the below auxilliary services?
Are you a member of a dedicated support group?
Would you like us to place you in touch with other patients with similiar disorders/Symptoms?
Are you on Medical Aid?
Is the patient being seen by any of the following specialists?
Would you like to get involved with our Events and Activities?
Are you wanting to be an ambassador for your disease, and assist us in raising awareness?
Would you like to fundraise for RDSA?
Would you be willing to make a monthly donation to RDSA to help us continue providing support to patients within the Rare Disease community?
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