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Be Brave Box – What to Pack

If you or your company are looking for an initiative to support this Mandela Day (18 July 2019), then consider the Be Brave Box project from Rare Diseases South Africa.

As parents and patients, many of us can attest to the boredom and fear that hospitals can provide, particularly for children, especially those admitted for lengthy periods of time or invasive procedures. In order to make their stay more tolerable, we’ve started the Be Brave Box initiative – a small box of practical, useful treasures gifted to children on admission to help keep them entertained and know that someone is thinking of them.

What goes into a Be Brave Box?

We have a simple poem to guide the contents of the Be Brave Box, but we’ve listed a few ideas below to help you decide. Please select a gender and age for the patient you would like to gift to ensure the contents is age appropriate and indicate this on your box (which can be packed in a re-usable plastic tub or a decorated shoe box):

Something yummy for my tummy,

(a box of biscuits, a little pack of sweets (preferably not chocolate as it melts),

Something nice for my precious Mummy,

(Hand cream, Biscuits, picture frame, scented candles, bath salts)

Something with which I can play,

(Toys, colouring books and crayons, Sudoku books for older children, puzzles, craft sets, aromatherapy play dough, board games, make up sets)

Something warm for my overnight stay,

(Blankets, slippers, socks, colourful beanies or scarves, bean bag heat packs, pyjamas)

Something to keep me clean,

(facecloths, wet wipes, toiletry hamper, shower gel, bath bubbles, bath bombs)

Something to encourage my dreams

(Story book, inspirational letters, lavender infused bath bubbles, journal and pen set, aromatherapy play dough)

For more inspiration, click on our pinterest board:

If you don’t have time to pack a box, you can pledge a box via our website for just R250 and we will pack the box for you 🙂 Click below to pledge:

Beneficiaries include:

Rare Diseases South Africa

Paedspal Paediatric Palliative Care

Umduduzi Hospice Care for Children

Lambano step down facility

For more information on the beneficiaries and to locate your closest drop off point, please click here:

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