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Dad turns Bed Sheets into Boardgames to Fight Boredom

No one will understand boredom more than a child hospitalised for extended periods of time. There are only so many movies to watch and books to read by yourself before you desperately seek the company and interaction with others – and what better way to keep the mind stimulated and to engage with new friends than through playing boardgames! One North Carolina dad has created a novel solution – by converting hospital bed sheets into boardgames!

Photo from Playtime Edventures

Kevin Gatlin has always been bored by the monotonous environments of hospital – and was heartbroken at the thought of children spending hours upon hours in a sterile white room, so he came up with a simple solution – Playtime Therapy Bed Sheets. Playtime Edventures are interactive bed sheet sets that feature dozens of games for paediatric patients confined to hospital beds.

The bedsheets become an extension of the room for the children to play, learn, sleep and heal on. He also worked with several school teachers in order to make the games educational.

Photo from Playtime Edventures

To date, Gatlin knows that his sheets are being used in 10 different hospitals across America – but since his customers are able to donate bedsheets to their own local hospitals, that number could be much higher. Parents can purchase a set for their children at home as well and for each one purchased, one will be donated.

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