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From pain to pleasure – a life renewed By Cobus Visser

This is my true story. It is about how I turned, in a single day,from #Depression, stress,anger, pills, addictions, to freedom, relaxation,energy, vibrancy, a purpose, excellence. Now, 6years later, I am living my dream and bringing hope to thousands of people,how I survive with #HemophiliaHepatitis C, Brain bleed 3 times, and joint pain daily, Both Ankles and Elbows need to be Replaced.

I was born as a Hemophilia in 1982

Family history

Younger brother Hemophilia

2 cousins hemophilia

3 distant cousins have hemophilia

New Journey

My journey to a new life started at the end of 2011 I discovered away of living with the pain and inspire others. I’ve had hemophilia (a genetic condition in which the blood has difficulty in clotting) since birth and as the years went by, my condition got to a point where I was in a really bad emotional state. I went from depression, to stress, to drinking a handful about 10-20 of pain pills each day. I was taking up to 10 pain and other pills each day. It was as if suddenly I couldn’t cope with pain. What was tough for me was when my first son was born in 2009 and I could not pick him up as I had to much pain in both my elbows, for 4 years I couldn’t pick him up or bond with him

Living in pain everyday is challenging as it challenges you to be friendly, have patience with friends and family. My wife had to look after me daily and sometimes even bathed me, she did the driving, looking after kids and so much more. I wouldn’t have gotten through if I didn’t have the backing of a great wife a superwoman on this Journey.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, I needed to get both my elbow replacements (I had an arm brace for six months and my doctor said I couldn’t pick up anything

heavier than 2-5kg), and both ankles needed to get fused or replaced.That wasn’t

even the end of my medical problems.

I was also on hepatitis C treatment that made me sick (some of the symptoms are like chemotherapy). I got very sick in with the #HepatitisC treatment at one point thinking it would be better to die than to go on. As a hemophilia I used some 20-40, each of 1000 units of a blood-clotting factor per month, also I need to inject myself in a vein when I give my self the clotting factor. Without such treatments a simple deep cut or heavy bruise could be extremely painful and even life-threatening.

December of 2014 I was admitted to hospital in PE with a #CerebralBleed and faced death as the most hemophilia’s dies of these kind of bleeds. After 2weeks in hospital I healed and could go home after spending Christmas and new year in hospital. In 2015 I moved to Centurion to come and inspire people and in the first 6 months of the year I couldn’t walk as both ankles had to much pain to put in weight on them. I could put no weight on my ankles and had to crawl where I needed to be. It took me 4hours to get to bathroom to clean myself and clean up, through this I got holes in my knees of all the crawling and most of the days I had to spend in bed.

This was very depressing as sometimes it was to painful to clean myself and some

nights cried myself to sleep. Looking at my sons how can I be a father if I am in bed all day. Luckily they don’t have hemophilia as the woman is the carrier of the bad gene and boys are carriers so my sons won’t have hemophilia only if I have a daughter her sons will have hemophilia. So in 2015 I had to apply everything I learned from 2011 to get myself out of this state and I did. For the past 30weeks I have been walking normal again without any wheelchair or crutches and mostly no pain.

Planning to climb Kilimanjaro July 2018

With all this hanging over me, I came to a defining moment at a seminar, and I told

myself something has to change. I thought:’I’m dying!’This is where I discovered

how powerful we as human beings truly are and how uniquely we are made. Itwas

then that I had my first experience fire-walking. Seek & you will find Whatever you seek you will find, whatever you ask you shall receive. I have discovered this to be true. I have learnt that you need to renew your mind every single day. Through a self-development course I was set free and discovered that anything is possible and what my dreams truly are.

From walking on fire more than 700 times without any burns,walking up to 14m on a coal bed at 650ºC, board and brick breaking with my elbows (wow!),arrow

breaking with my throat and rebar bending, as well as broken glass walking without

bleeding, and needle piercing through my hand without bleeding. I have gone from being a near cripple to leading what you might consider something like a ‘Superman’ life. I have gone from 145kg to 120kg (lost 25kg) and I now take 4-8 1 000 fact

or blood clotting units a month (a fifth of what I was using before) and only about one pain pill about a week.

My life has been transformed from where I previously couldn’t jump, to the present in which I can jump several centimeters into the air. I have no arm brace any longer and,of all the improvements in my health, the best result of all is that I can now pick up my son and hold him in my arms. That alone brings tears of happiness. For thousands of years and in all cultures, shamans have walked across hot coals to

honor the element of fire and bring healing to their communities.

In modern times, it is crucial that we actively reclaim our own innate power to heal ourselves and direct our destiny, to move from acting from fear into a place where each action is based out of love and joy. Ritual & transformation Ritual marks a time of change and transformation. To witness or participate in a fire-walking ritual offers a chance to break limiting belief systems, and provides participants with the tools to make the shifts you want in your life to stick. Whether you choose to walk or not at the end of the fire-walking seminar, you will be changed for good.

There are just a few times in our life when we are offered a square centimeter of chance’; a gift to completely transform our lives. For me –and apparently many

others too –the firewalk is such an opportunity. Joining in as a participant in this

ancient, sacred gathering opens us up to deep healing and change –and offers the

chance to dance with the fire of life. Dancing the Fire It is one of the first lessons we learn as children: fire burns. And for many of us this lesson goes in very deeply, and includes not only the sting of physical fire, but also translates into a fear of the fire of our own passions, desires and dreams.

Fire-walking is one of the oldest human rituals on the planet. In every culture around the world, people have used fire-walking as a means of healing and purifying their

communities and themselves. Today, fire-walking is an incredible tool for modern

humans to use. Moving Beyond Fear Our fear of fire is a deep-seated belief, one of the core players in our belief system. The first time I watched someone step onto the 600ºC coals, I felt something snap. Suddenly one of my core beliefs had been turned upside down, bringing down virtually all my other beliefs with it.

The possibility of creating serious change in my life was so tangible at that moment, because the structures within my brain had been shattered. I had actually witness

what I knew was impossible. There was nothing for my constructs about reality to

do but crumble. As a rule, we don’t enjoy our mental constructs crumbling –it feels very threatening and dangerous. Our ego loves being right, having things be safe. Whenever something is not safe for the ego, it pumps out a wave of fear to deter us from changing in any way that goes against its self image. And fear, as most of us know, is a powerful human emotion.

However, I’ve found through my two years of fire-walking and teaching that fear can

actually be a great friend. Even after 700 plus fire-walking sessions, I still feel that

initial rush of fear as I step up to the fire. But I’ve learned to take the fear and see it

as simply energy. We can all take the energy of our emotions –any emotions –and

by seeing them simply as energy we can use them to support us rather than hinder

us on our path. With practice, it is simple to find a place of silence within, take a deep breath, and transform the fear into excitement and joy.

The next time you feel fear rise in your life, tell yourself: ‘This is simply energy. This

is simply energy.’With that awareness, you can make a choice about how you want

this particular energy to work in your life. You can definitely use it to stop you in

your tracks. You also have the choice to take your deepest fears and transform them into impetus for change. Know that your belief system was inherited from your parents,and may not necessarily be true. The firewalk can bring these beliefs to

the light.

Fire as Teacher Walking across 13m of coals, I savor each step as I watch my feet move across the fire. I feel like I am walking above the clouds of Texas. Even when doubts

come up in my life, I always go back to that moment on the coals; the feeling of total

communion with the fire, a perfect marriage of my soul and the coals. Fire continues to teach me everyday –when I meditate with a flame; when I burn

myself on the stove and laugh that I can walk on coals but when I’m not paying

attention will burn myself on a frying pan; when I feel passion within my

body and act on it.

With this I can change my destiny

The fire has taught me to honor the flames within myself and walk through all the

firewalks in my life. Because for each of us, the real firewalk, the real challenge, is to

live our lives fully, with purpose and joy. It is so hard to convey what happens in a fire-walking session to someone who hasn’t been there and done that. To some it might seem crazy, even –or some sort of trick. But it is neither. I remember this experience: light misting rain haloes our bodies in the darkness as we circle around the red glistening coals wearing our shoes loosely on our feet.

We hold hands and chant, energy buzzing my fingers, shaking my knees against the

backdrop of hush of silence, and we all stare at the center, a thick layer of burning

charcoal chunks 3m by 3m of contained fire to prove the impossible is possible. I look at Lori, standing solidly next to me, not knowing what to expect. In her eyes I see, even if none of us walk, even if we leave with our feet still cold from this wet grass, we are changed. And then the first woman steps forward, quiet, curly-haired.

She is going first?’I think, as with slow grace she stands before the fiery challenge. This seems a dream, a vision as she bows respectfully to the impossible, raises her

arms to her side proud as a gymnast and walks across the coals. She walks across

the coals! I see her feet touch the fire I see her feet swallow the coals. I see! And I

am crying and laughing, feeling my cold feet tingle. This is the power and the spirit of the life-changing firewalk. If only everyone could know for themselves the power of the fire, its capacity to teach us about ourselves and out true potential; its capacity to instigate change within us that in turn allows us to heal, even from genetic disorders and severe long-term disease; its near-magical ability to make our lives whole again. If only.

We’re the ones in charge of our thoughts, words, and actions. “

Your beliefs become your thoughts,

Your thoughts become your words,

Your words become your actions,

Your actions become your habits,

Your habits become your values,

Your values become your destiny.

Mahatma Gandhi

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