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High Court Judgement in the Matter De Wet and RDSA vs MediHelp and CMS

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

The matter of Zachary de Wet was heard on Tuesday, 23 August, in an urgent application in the Pretoria High Court.

The application made by Michaney de Wet and RDSA against Medihelp Medical Scheme and the CMS requesting interim relief for the funding of Elaprase to treat Zach’s Prescribed Minimum Benefit condition, was granted in favour of the applicant.

Judge Anthony Millar ordered that:

1) Hunter’s disease is declared a Prescribed Minimum Benefit under category 901K

2) Medihelp is ordered to authorize the treatments and care costs of all medical interventions required including inter alia Elaprase® within 30 days

3) To pay all accounts and or claims for healthcare services rendered by the treating practitioners within 30 days

The judgement can be viewed in its entirety here.

RDSA is relieved to have a firm decision in this sensitive matter, and that Zach is finally able to start receiving his treatment without any further delay.

RDSA remains committed to advancing access for all patients impacted by a rare condition in South Africa, and will continue to work towards a future where there is consistency and certainty in terms of access to life-saving treatments and interventions.

F-judgment-de-wet-another-v-medihelp-another-2022 (1)
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