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Introducing a new way to spend your Wednesday!

We know how difficult it is to attend patient meetings / workshops / conferences etc. Let’s be honest, we lucky if we make it to all our doctors appointments and don’t miss a treatment.

So, we have found a way to bring the information right to your lap, via our #WednesdayWebinars.

We will be selecting a Wednesday every month to have a webinar aimed at assisting our community. The topics will vary, from disease specific discussions, to supportive talks aimed at helping us cope a little easier. Legislation changes will be discussed as will general changes in the healthcare community.

Every webinar date will be clearly communicated ahead of time, along with the topic and list of guest speakers. Dependent on the content, and guest speakers, some webinars may have associated charges, however, RDSA will do our best to keep these as low as possible, and avoid them completely where we can.

The first webinar is taking place this month, on the 21st – and in line with caregiver awareness month taking place throughout November, we thought we would start of with a conversation around Compassion Fatigue.

To book, click here

We hope to see you there!

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