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Listening to your own body is the best approach- Myasthenia Gravis by Hein Moller

Starting a new life with #MyastheniaGravis Since the middle of 2017 I had begun to notice on photographs that my right eye was droopy. Initially it did not bother me too much, but after a while I decided to read up a bit on it on the internet. I learned that ptosis could be due to a number of reasons. My doctor referred me to Dr Natanya Fourie, who immediately suspected that I had myasthenia gravis. Blood tests confirmed her initial diagnosis and I started with #Mestinon and #Azapress treatment.

It was a difficult diagnoses to accept at 39 years of age. I enjoyed spending time in the gym and had a healthy lifestyle. To make matters worse, I did not react well to Mestinon and Azapress and actually felt that it made me sicker. I therefore decided to do some research on auto-immune diseases. I have a PhD in metallurgical engineering,

so medical research was out of my comfort zone. However, I found how much vitamins affect our immune systems, especially Vitamin D. Also, the importance of our gut to the immune system has been studied extensively the last few years. I therefore decided to start with a healthy diet and I began using supplements of Vitamins A, B, C, D and E, as well as probiotics. I changed the way I exercise, with a focus more on being healthy than to build muscle.

I have completely stopped using Mestinon and #Azapress and I feel energetic and healthy. There are some days (especially very warm ones) where I have overexerted my body and had to stop gym for a couple of days to rest properly. It has been important for me to find the correct intensity of exercise to not do more damage than good. Listening to your own body is the best approach. I’ve not had to live with myasthenia gravis for a long time and who knows what the future might hold. At this stage I’m not using any medication and I feel healthy. If the condition worsens with time I know there are other treatments available. With the love and support of my loved ones I believe that this will be a disease that I will be able to conquer, because Amor Vincit Omnia…

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