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World IDIC15 Awareness Day

Bailey is 10 years old and has IDIC15, Isodicentric 15 which means she has extra copies of Chromomosome 15. There are approximately less than 1000 other known children and adults diagnosed with IDIC15. Her challenges include developmental and speech delay, seizure activity, low immune system to name a few. Her 10 years have been filled with Therapies, infusions, various doctors appointments, MRI’s, EEG’s, special needs education but this does not stop this happy, vibrant little girl. She truly lives in “Baileys” world where the feeling of having sand run through her fingers and watching leaves fall from her fingers to seeing how much water she can hold in her cheeks are some of her favourite things to do and which brings her much joy. She finds a way to communicate and if she cant “use her words” which we constantly encourage her to do she is mighty strong and will pull you where she wants you to go. She has taught us to slow down and look at the rainbows and the stars and if we pay close attention she will teach us so much more about life. Bailey has days where her sensory system can be regulated by a simple swing and other days where you can almost vision the puzzle pieces being all mixed up all over the place and no idea how to put them all together.

Our wish is to help her to continue growing up to be a happy, healthy child that can integrate into society just as she is with the unconditional love and support of her family and friends.

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