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A shock to our family – Granny Carol

At the age of on a visit to my son’s place I realized the size of Geodrick’s head to be abnormal and advised parents to take him to hospital. He was then diagnosed with #hydrocephalus (not good news at all).

Then started the surgeries – some shunts and some hernias. As many as approximately 16 surgeries. The last hernia operation was the worst. His wound was covered in such a way that we could not see that it was oozing. We just noted his stomach are swollen and that he was very uncomfortable. On removing the dressing it was noted that the wound turned septic and it was wide open.

Various nights and days he was crying even through intake of painkillers and we standing next to his cot hopelessly and hurt to hear him crying. I can still feel how my heart felt at that time. After almost three months of hospitalisation we’ve been discharged, he still had pain and I decided to call the neurosurgeon. It was then found that the outlet of the shunt moved out of place during the hernia surgery and the fluid had a free flow to wherever. This has been rectified and it brought such a relief to the family.

My prince could walk alone for a very short while and at this point he needed our support to help him to walk. Then came the urine tests and results shown #MPS2. ANOTHER SHOCK TO OUR FAMILY.

We accepted our prince the way he is though we still praying that the enzyme needed will be made available for him. He turned 10 on 12 March 2018.

We thank God that Geodrick is still alive. Hallelujah

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