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Lockdown Limbo: Overcoming the 'Blah' State of Mind

Anyone else feel like we're in Lockdown limbo?

Life feels the most "normal-ish" is has since the Covid-19 pandemic struck and yet we're still living in a 'National State of Emergency' with the virus retreating before it potentially smashes us and our economy with a third wave (much like the sea before a Tsunami).

There was an article published recently which accurately diagnosed the ‘blah’ or collective restlessness we’re all feeling post Covid-19 as “languishing”. The article defines languishing as “a state of stagnation and emptiness… "

"It’s not burnout – we still have energy. It’s not depression – we don’t feel hopeless. We just feel somewhat joyless and aimless.”

I think all South Africans can attest to this amid the barrage of negative news stories, the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic, vaccines and potential third wave and the ever-increasing unemployment and crime rates with no clear plan for overcoming it or repairing our struggling economy. But without the ability to have any real personal impact on the macro economic conditions of our rainbow nation the only real way to overcome this overwhelming “meh” feeling is to find purpose beyond simply ‘existing’.

In order to find joy we need to bring hope. And in order to regain direction we need to set intentions.

We need to become deliberate donors.

But what does that mean?

It means becoming more educated about where you pledge your help – financial or other.

It means taking the time to learn about an organisations’ mission and doing your research to find a cause that resonates with you.

It means letting go of the notion that our Government should be doing more and accepting that, as South Africans, helping one another is part of our collective culture of ‘Ubuntu’.

It means becoming more active and supporting the organisation wherever possible because you’re determined to make a positive difference – not because their supporter packages are least expensive or offers nicer team kit.

It means donating consistently to the organisation and stepping up when there is a plea for assistance – not just when there is an event or direct benefit from the donation.

It means genuinely investing in the cause because you have an intrinsic desire to improve the lives of other beings – not just for the social media recognition and public accolades it may inspire.

It means creating awareness of the organisation at every opportunity, championing the cause, seeking fundraising opportunities and actively encouraging your friends, family, colleagues and employers to support or donate at the risk of being rejected or discouraged.

It means acknowledging that everyone else is entitled to find a cause that resonates with them, accepting that it may not be the same as yours and appreciating that there is ‘someone for everything’ so all causes have a fair chance.

It means going out of your comfort zone – entering that cycle race even though you haven’t been on a bike since childhood, dusting off the running shoes and participating in a half marathon in aid of the cause - because your desire to create positive change overrides your instinctive need for control and certainty.

It means finding purpose in using your health, skills, mobility and voice to advocate for those without.

It means investing in other peoples’ lives – some strangers, others family or friends – because of all the things you could possibly buy with that money, the gift of giving someone renewed health, restored dignity or a chance at a longer life is of significantly greater value.

It means Covid-19 didn’t create a hopeless end, but rather endless hope.

Rare Diseases SA is a registered NPO (120-991) that empowers those affected by rare conditions and advocates for recognition, treatment and improved quality of life.

Find out more about what we do by CLICKING HERE.

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Donate towards our organisation or sign up to make a difference by CLICKING HERE.

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