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Phenyo is our Ray of Sunshine.

Phenyo Mackenzie Moropa was born on March the 7th 2016 with a rare birth defect called Tibial #Hemimelia. This disease is so rare that it statistically affects only one in every million births worldwide. We are appealing to you to help save her leg and #GetPWalking! During the first few months of her young life, her parents consulted tirelessly in search for help to get her treatment. All the specialists in South Africa had their own views but all concluded that amputation was inevitably her only option. Her parents, not ready to give up on saving her leg, did their own research and found a doctor Dr Paley from the USA in Florida who has pioneered treatment that will save Phenyo’s leg.

The Paley Institute is an #orthopaedic hospital that can help Phenyo walk one day. The medical costs for this condition however cost an equivalent of R2 million and for almost a year now, the parents have worked hard in trying to raise funds towards the medical expenses. Being very close to the situation, the parents needed support in raising awareness of this condition which is why the Phenyo Moropa Foundation was founded in 2017. Dr Paley advised Phenyo’s parents that her condition is Jones type 2 tibial hemimelia. This is best treated by the Paley staged treatment. The younger the

child is for treatment, the better, so Phenyo’s parents are desperate to raise these funds, and have currently raised R225 928.51 which was donated by individuals who are committed to #GivingHope to Phenyo.

We are constantly looking for new ways to raise the funds and are willing to partner up towards a bigger goal. We also identified that if 6 720 people each donated R264,

then Phenyo will get to Florida. In order to reach this amount of individuals, we will need support to reach a big audience. We would be very grateful for your support.

The simplest things, the things we take for granted, standing up, walking, running, using our legs! These are things little P cannot do. She deserves to know how it feels

like to do all these things with both her legs. She deserves to know what it’s like to run around with her friends.We look forward to hearing back from you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact her mother Gillian Moropa on +27832661431 or father Tshepo Moropa on +27 836424156 or email

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