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Absa Cape Epic 2018 By Bruce Campbell

Absa Cape Epic 2018, said to be the World’s Toughest 8 Day mountain bike stage race, they compare it to the Tour de France but for mountain biking, the most untamed race on earth.People come from all over the world to ride the Cape Epic, catering to 680 teams of two people, covering a distance of 653km with 13530m of elevation which is like climbing up Mount Everest 1 and a half times.

Last year, 2017, I took a huge risk in deciding to do something as challenging as the Cape Epic with having Pompe Disease and putting myself into harms way to try and raise as much awareness as possible for Rare Disease SA as I knew it would be the biggest possible platform that I could reach so many people.

What came from taking this risk was more than I could of ever had imagined, such great magazine & TV coverage but the huge reward was been awarded an entry into this years Cape Epic 2018.I was so much more confident this year knowing that I finished it last year but I would not rely on that, having Pompe my body does not develop strength quickly at all so I have to work harder, train harder and smarter than anyone else to be able to have just finish.

This year I really felt like I touched so many peoples lives in a positive and motivating way, I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to speak to the whole of the Cape Epic competitors which accounts about 2500 people and the feedback I received was extremely emotional and encouraging to continue making a difference to others, especially to those individuals who are not struggling with any life threatening Rare Disease.

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Aug 10, 2021

Thhis is great

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