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I’m alone yet so proud!- Myasthenia Gravis By: Stephan Bernhardt

Hi there. My name is Stephen Bernhardt. Born on December the 16th 1981(36). I was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis age 14. Surgery was necessary so they performed an #thymectomy age 17 (removal of a gland behind my lunges. Operation procedure is open same as heart surgery. See my scar in the video ) The only bonus from being diagnosed early was that I knew my life is going to be very different to others. So I studied electronics and refrigeration(I can sit and do this work. I knew I would have to choose a career I can sit in) Work I can do from home and I need only one person to

be my muscle.

So I did it and had my small business most my twenties and up. But in between I was also hosting karaoke shows, I became an alcoholic. This was just a hectic time. I never ever met anyone with my disease and there was no real chat sites then. I just started hitting rock bottom. Loosing my daughter and everything just spiraled out. I was lucky enough to have friends who helped me out and they got me in a program we did from home. Till today I have not had a single drink (7 years now). I got married. Had a son. Our marriage ended after three years but I got a awesome son out of the deal.

I was a wreck but never started drinking again after the divorce I sold all my tools and little repair shop I build over the years and my son and daughter lived with me. So I took that money and I invested in myself. I moved out our “home” town out of our comfort zone to follow my long life passion and that is music. Through my whole career I’ve never stopped practicing. It took a year and a half because I funded my own project and even helped produce some of it, cause it did not matter how good I was. Nobody wanted to give me a contract.

Because I can’t do half the things they need there artists to do. Dance. Stand and play guitar…etc….because there is only money to be made. And it will cost them to much money to accommodate me. OK it’s true. At least they where honest. So now I’m disabled. Everything I must do around me takes more energy than a normal person and life is just so difficult. How do I not just give up!!!! Why don’t I off myself??? Thank goodness I have experience in AA to know I need help. So I got help but it got a bit worse until I said it’s over now.

I can’t rely on anyone anymore for help. It’s my own fault I’ve been struggling my whole life. I never asked for help and now I’m alone yet so proud. I created 20 years of projects that gave me the skills to do this project “My Story” Chapter 1. If you can use my positive energy I’ve had my whole life. You welcome to it. Enjoy my introduction . I hope you guys like it. You can download it for free on YouTube. Click on the link Bellow. It will take you to my page. Like it. And watch the video called “The Story” by Stephen Bernhardt.

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