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If we stop who will try to fight for us My Journey with HS by:Zonika van der Merwe

This is a very embarrassing situation to be in, struggling with #Hidradenitis Suppurativa it’s a large impact on a everyday basis and only people with the same situation can relate to the everyday pain when have to walk around with. When I was sixteen it began but lightly at first I never knew what it was and just assumed it’s pimples and a faze of teenage I’m going through. At 17 to 18 it got so worse that I couldn’t sit down for days it was unbearable I would get like 6 to 7 blister at once some at the size of a small grape and you can feel the build up pressure in the bump stretching the skin make it so tender you want to scream when your pants just touch it. Going to the doctor only got me more frustrated as they only give you antibiotics, for a few days it’s a relieve but then hello it’s back again.

When I was 20 I realized this is it I’m stuck with this embarrassing thing, I will never be able to wear a bikini of all the scars it has left, I will never be able to wear a tank top

without someone staring at the big bumps and scars under my armpits. It makes your life so much difficult to get everyday tasks done. I’m a gym instructor and that involves sweating a lot while I’m busy exercising I cant let this thing hold me back from my dreams I tell myself but it does there’s so much you have to give up because of hidradentitis your to shy to meet that someone special because what would they

say or do when they see this part of you they just won’t understand and be groused out and make fun of you.

That’s why I never got the courage to tell anyone not my friends not my family they won’t understand the pain. At night it’s impossible to sleep of the pain under your arms and everything is pressing on it you, you have to plaster yourself up all the time and don’t want to shave because you know the next day they will be there. Everyday is a battle do I give up on my career as trainer or just keep on pushing through the pain

some of the gym equipment I can’t even use because some days I can’t even sit properly, this is something I have to ask myself everyday do I stop. It’s mentally fiscally and emotionally tiring It’s a battle many people can’t understand and it’s not just a impact on me as person but on my children and friends there is just some activities you can’t join in on. To all in the struggle keep strong we need to be strong to battle

this when can’t let it break us as tough some days when what to give up but we can’t, if we stop who will try to fight for us?

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