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Rare Diseases SA responds to signing of Presidential Health Compact 25 July 2019 – Pretoria

Rare Diseases South Africa (RDSA) has released the statement below in response to the signing of the Presidential Health Compact and in response to the recent Health Budget Speech delivered by the Minister of Health, Dr Zwelini Mkhize.

“Today, the President led the signing of the Presidential Health Compact that emerged from the Presidential Health Summit which took place late last year. As a Patient Advocacy group representing thousands of vulnerable patients across the country, we welcome this important milestone. This initiative has not only encourages collaboration across all stakeholders, but has done so in a way that has resulted in a strengthed approach to the healthcare crisis.“

RDSA CEO, Kelly du Plessis comments “The oppurtunity for patients to not only have their voice heard, but to be able to provide valuable input and insight into the Health Compact shows great change in our political approach to healthcare. Healthcare systems will always be imperfect, but collaborative strategic input into solutions is the perfect approach to ensuring commitment to improving what we have.

The signing of the Presidential Health Compact follows the recent Health Budget Speech and Vote where the Minister of Health, Dr Zwelini Mkhize announced an extensive programme of the refurbishment of health institutions that will be undertaken over the next five to seven years. The Minister also announced that a significant number of vacant posts will be filled and that there will be a refocus on the priority health needs of vulnerable groups. These initiatives will occur alongside the tabling of the National Health Insurance Bill for further discussion and are all to be welcomed.

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