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There is very little research done on HS. By: Tamara Wittstock

I was officially diagnosed with #HidradenitisSuppurativa also known as HS 4 years ago and recently my son Aiden started to develop the condition. HS is a chronic skin condition that causes #cyst like #bumps called #flares in the skin, it can effect any part of the body but the main areas are under the arms, inner thighs, buttocks and breasts in the case of the sufferer being female. HS is not contagious, can be genetic is classed as one of the top 10 most painful chronic diseases. Doctors are not sure of what the causes are and there is very little research done on this disease.

I have early stage 3 HS which affects my legs and at any stage walking can become a painful process, I had my first surgical procedure when I was diagnosed with the removal of a flare that was 10cm in length and 5cm moving into the muscle. Aiden has very early stage 1 HS as there is no tunneling under the skin yet and only develops 1 flare at a time. Knowing how painful surgery is and the recovery process we are desperately hoping that he never has to battle the way many do. HS awareness week is from the 5th of June to the 11th of June, but many sufferers use the whole of May as an awareness campaign and to educate those around us.

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