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It is all about winning!! – written by Dad

I played cricket for many years and always took Russell, my #DownSyndrome son to the league matches so it was inevitable that he would become an avid cricket follower and he is currently the DHS Rhythm Cricket Club’s most ardent supporter.

He is 52 years old and for many years has been the official scoreboard operator for the club and when the new scoreboard was built it was named The Russell Heath scoreboard.

He is unable to translate the number of runs a batsman scores after each shot, to the score on the scoreboard, so he constantly checks the score with the official scorers and then updates the scoreboard accordingly.

However, his clear #support for his team shines through when he constantly updates the runs scored when his team is batting but is very grumpy and reluctant to update the wickets that have fallen! And of course the reverse is true when the opposition are batting when he is quick to update the wickets as they fall but grumpy about adding the runs the opposition score.

I suspect he thinks that what he reflects on the scoreboard is what counts, rather than what is reflected in the official scorebook, because for him, it is all about winning!!

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